App Links

The App links allow you to direct your customers straight to a particular app (ex. YouTube, Facebook etc.) to view your content.

The practical application of this can be described with the following example:

  1. A YouTube influencer prompts the users to follow him/her on YouTube

  2. If the influencer creates a biolink Link block and pastes the channel URL, when the user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to the web browser.

  3. This scenario is not optimal to improve conversions, because if the user is not logged into their YouTube account in their phone web browser, they will not be able to follow the influencer. Please watch the video below.

  1. Log in to your EZBiolink account

  2. Create a biolink by clicking on Create Link or go to your existing biolink (if you already had one)

  3. In the EZBiolink builder, switch to Links

4. Click on Create Link

5. Select the Link option

6. Type an appropriate title ex. "Follow My YouTube (Apple)"

7. Paste an appropriate YouTube link. Please see the direct app link format below:

  • Android link:

  • iPhone link:

Here is an example of a link that has been tested for a YouTube user with the channel name of hardwaresavvy

  • Apple:

  • Android:

If a YouTube Channel Name is Not Available

If your YouTube channel does not have a name, you can user your channel ID in place of the name. You can obtain the channel ID by visiting your YouTube channel page and copying and pasting everything after /channel.

In this case (where you can only obtain the channel ID), the link will look as follows:

  • Apple:

  • Android:

To ensure that the app link works, feel free to test it on an appropriate device. Also, please note that the way Apple and Android handle direct app links might change. We will update this documentation when that happens. However, if in your case the link does not work, feel free to contact us at

Landing Page Example

In the below example, this user created two links with the appropriate app links for each of the two platforms iPhone and Android (described above).

In this particular example, the YouTube page name is HardwareSavvy. The links used to link to their YouTube pages for iPhone and Android are as follows:

Top (Green) Link:

Bottom (Red) Link:

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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