Leap Link

Leap link lets you redirect your biolink page to any other page on the internet. This can be done to temporarily redirect the flow of traffic to a specific URL for convenience purposes. It eliminates the need to replace all of biolink URLs from all possible places on the internet.

Use Case #1

A social media influencer who is ready to promote a highly profitable affiliate product in the latest video, but doesn't want to change all of his/her biolink URL on all social platforms.

Use Case #2

A real estate agent who has just posted a new video about a property that needs to sell rather soon and wants to improve conversions by only directing all of the traffic to one listing.

Use Case #3

A blogger who has just posted a product review on his/her blog, but has no affiliate link yet. He/she wants to have a placeholder URL in the meantime, which can be filled in later without using the blogging program.

As you can see, a leap link is a feature to quickly redirect your entire traffic to a certain destination. Think of the Leap link as a relay that directs train tracks. You can redirect the flow of all trains at the same time with one click, rather than having to replace all one-by-one.

EZBiolink will continue to collect click analytics for your biolink page clicks even while you are re-routing your traffic via the Leap link.

1. Go to your EZBiolink Dashboard

2. Click on the biolink of choice

3. Locate the Leap link box and paste a desired URL. Don't forget to press Update for the changes to take place. As soon as you press Update every time someone clicks on your biolink link, they will be redirected to the link you have provided in the Leap link box.

Hint: The link link can be canceled if you clear Leap link box and press Update

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