Yosemite September 21 Update

30+ New Features for Marketing, Real Estate and Branding

We are excited to announce one of the largest updates to EZBiolink we have ever pushed. It is heavily inspired by your feedback and aims to help you improve your conversions and ROI.

What's New?

  1. Emoji links - super hot feature that will be taking off everywhere. We will be, presumably, the first to have this feature available for a super low cost.

  2. Social links block that can be placed at the very top of the page

  3. A paragraph block - you can now write mini blogs on your landing pages

  4. FAQ block - you will be able to create an FAQ accordion section for your product (thank you Agasi)

  5. Discord sever embed - embed your discord sever (thank you Evan)

  6. Facebook post embed (thank you Josh)

  7. Reddit post embed - highly requested feature (thank you Sam)

  8. Audio file embed - create exclusive, early access podcasts inside EZBiolink (thank you Samantha)

  9. Video file embed - highly requested feature for from affiliate marketers and people who sell informational products.

  10. Downloadable file block - your customers will be able to download a file right from your landing page. A highly requested feature by our real estate customers, affiliate marketers and social media influencers.

  11. Countdown timer block - amazing for improving conversions when selling your own products.

  12. A call-to-action block - amazing for improving conversions with a direct call to action message.

  13. Search Bar for Blocks

  14. Avatar Block

  15. Header Block

  16. Socials Block

  17. Removed Socials, Header and Avatar from Settings - long requested feature.

  18. Many additional customizations to existing blocks

Important to Know

TL;DR: Log into your account and make sure your biolink avatar looks good! We’ve made some awesome changes. The long version Many of you have been asking to add an ability to move the social links to the top of the page. You’ve also asked to be able to move around your avatar and the header. We’ve listened to you and added these features! Here’s what’s been done: We’ve moved the socials, the avatar and the header from the Settings menu and turned them into blocks. This will allow you to move them around and customize them even further. Since this was a pretty significant change, we’ve automatically converted your existing avatars, headers and socials into blocks. They should look the same as before, but to be absolutely sure, I would suggest you to log into your account and double check your landing pages to make sure all looks great. You can now choose if you want your avatar to show up round or as a square. Just tap the Avatar edit button and change its shape!

30+ New Features. Here are the most important ones.

100x The Value

We are committed to providing you 100x the value for what you pay us to support our efforts. In the past 3 years EZBiolink has evolved to a point where we are now able to provide you with a full suite of 110+ features and blocks to run a complete affiliate or ecommerce business. Move aside Click Funnels… You now have access to a super powerful landing page builder, analytics, tracking pixels, retargeting features, exclusive product (video, audio and file) upload features. And we are not stopping here. The landing pages you can create fully support professional influencers, affiliate marketers, real estate companies and other large businesses. We closely listen to all of your feedback/suggestions and implement features that are specifically aimed at generating you revenue and improving your conversions.

Why Now?

There has never been a better time to join EZBiolink. Every one of you now has access to our affiliate program that pays you a 20% commission every month. We listen to you (our users) very carefully and we adopt new features super fast. Our motto is: “If a new feature doesn’t make you more money or improve your ROI - it’s not added”.

We hope you enjoy the new features. We have a bunch more coming your way soon! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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