A/B Testing

Professionally test opt-in conversions

EZBiolink link A/B testing allows you to professionally measure conversions between two opt-in pages.

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What is A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to create two sales pages for your product, each containing the same product, but a different message. This could be very useful when trying to find a version of your product page that converts the best.

The idea is to rout half of the clicks from your EZBiolink to one page and the other half of the clicks to the other opt-in page. These opt-in pages can be created within EZBiolink. Simply create 2 additional biolinks and route your traffic to each of the two.

Please see the illustration below for a visual explanation.

As you can see in the above theoretical example, the opt-in Page B converts better. As soon as you are done with the A/B test and the clear winner is detected, simply use the link to the winning page (Page B in this case) in your EZBiolink button.

Or you can keep testing new pages to try to achieve an even better conversion rate.

Why should you care about A/B testing

A/B testing can drastically increase your ROI. When running ADs or routing traffic from a social page to an offer, it is imperative to have higher conversions, as this will have a direct impact on your net profit.

Given that one has enough resources to create additional opt-in pages, we highly recommend you to perform an A/B test to maximize your profits.

How could you benefit from an A/B test

As mentioned before, an A/B test can result in much better conversions. Something as little at increasing your conversion from 1.0% to 1.3% could have a huge impact on your profits. 30% more profit in this case. This adds up rather quickly at a larger scale and a larger AD spend.

Here is a great example of that.

Say you spend $10,000 on Facebook/TikTok/Google ADs to send 10000 clicks to your sales page.

If you make $10 per sale, from 153 sales on Page A (1.53% conversion rate) you would make 153 x $10 = $15,300.

If you were to do an A/B test and find a Page B that converts better (2.34% conversion rate = 65% greater) you would see a profit of 234 x $10= $23,400

Conclusion: An A/B test is an incredible way to increase profits. EZBiolink is a professional solution and it allows you to run a short test to benefit greatly. The monetary benefits of an A/B test as more tangible at a larger scale, but can also be seen at a smaller scale.

  1. Create a Shortened Link

3. Enter all relevant information. Don't worry about entering the right Long URL. Just paste one of the two URL's for now. We will assign them both later.

4. Click on Targeting

5. Under Targeting, click on Rotation & A/B Testing

6. See the screen recording below and read the description that describes what was done.

You will be presented with an option to create a link rotation. Click on Create. Then click on Create one more time. Now we have 2 rotations. Type 50 in both Percentage chances. This value is in percentages, but you don't have to type the % sign.

When done, paste the URL for each of the 2 landing pages you have already created and press Update.

7. Last step. Just copy your single link URL from the top of the page. This URL will automatically rotate both of your landing page URLs with every click (50% of the time for Page 1 and 50% of the time for Page 2) at the percentage of time you have specified.

Statistics and Conversion Measuring

You can measure your product conversion rates by placing a tracking pixel on each page.

As always, you can see full click analytics in the link Statistics option.

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