Search Engine Optimization

EZBiolink allows you to optimize your biolink page for a better discoverability by search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu etc. This will allow your page to get indexed by these search engines and for you to get discovered organically through billions of searches every day.

Search engines scan web pages on the internet to better understand what these pages are about, in order to show them in search queries.

EZBiolink pages are just like any other page on the internet. We have designed EZBiolink pages to have the option of getting indexed or not getting indexed by search engines. You have full control over that. About this a bit later.

What Information do Search Engines Care About?

Some of the information that is important for a search engine to better understand what your page is about are:

  1. On-page content (text, file names etc.)

  2. The page Title

  3. The page meta information

We are well aware of this and your EZBiolilnk pages have an option to add all of these details in.

Let's add that extra layer of SEO optimizations to your biolink page! In order to access the SEO optimization portion of your biolink page, head to your dashboard, click on your biolink page. Once in the builder part, tap the Setting option.

As you scroll down and find the SEO tab. Tap on it to open it.

Optional: If you choose to not allow your biolink page to be indexed by search engines (this will significantly lower your chances of organic discoverability), tap the Block Search Engine Indexing button.

  1. Page title This is the part of the page that shows up when you open any page in your browser. It should have your brand/page name in it and describe what you do. Try to use relevant keywords about what you or your brand does. This will be picked up by the search engine to show you in relevant searches. For example, take a look at our page title by visiting EZBiolink - High-Converting landing pages for professional social media influencers

  2. Meta description Think of this as your page title, but hidden from the humans and visible to search engines. You can literally pur keywords, separated by commas about you or your business. Don't worry, these will not show up in the page title or on the page. These are there to help the search engines to understand you better. For example, if you could take a look at our main page, you will see these keywords in the meta description: link in bio, bio links, ezbiolink, instagram link in bio, instagram bio link, tiktok link in bio, tiktok biolink, landing pages, landing page, real estate agent, social media creator. This is it! Ahrefs has a great article about SEO optimization, be sure to read it, if you'd like to learn more.

As a side note, also remember that anything you write in your biolink boxes will also get indexed. You can become strategic about the exact wording there as well. You will also have an ability to add text boxes to your biolink and add extra text via those.

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