The vCard option will allow you to directly embed a phone contact card onto your EZBiolink page that your visitors can download and add to their phones/devices/outlook etc.

The vCard serves as a digital business card. The convenience of a vCard lies in that the user does not need to manually imput your contact information into their phone/tablet/outlook.

You will pre-fill all relevant information, such as phone number, address, email address etc. and when someone clicks on your vCard link, the business card will be automatically downloaded onto their device and they will be prompted to immediately add your contact information into their phone/tablet/Outlook etc.

How to create a vCard?

  1. In your EZBiolink builder, click on "Create Link"

  2. Select the "vCard" option

3. In the popup box, type in the name of the vCard, as you'd like your users to see. Ex. "My Contact vCard" and click "Submit".

4. By clicking on the tree vertical dots at the right side of the vCard, you will be be presented with a big number of optional information you can enter into your vCard. Remember that not all fields need to be filled in, just the ones you'd like your users to have when they add your contact information into their phone/tabled/Outlook.

5. You may also customize the look of your vCard the way you'd like your users to see it on your EZBiolink page.

6. Upon completion and pressing "Update" your vCard will be displayed on your EZBiolink page. It will be ready to be downloaded when a user clicks on it. On Android phones and iPhones, the user will be automatically prompted is they wantn to add the vCard to their Phonebook.

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