Title (Text and Color)

Landing Page Title and Color Selection

The "Title" option can be accessed from Dashboard > Project > Biolink > Settings

The "Title" is what the bold text that is displayed right below your picture. Below is an example of a title you could use for your business.

In this example the text "Real Estate Company" is what is shown to users who access this particular page. You are welcome to use the name of your company, business, social page etc.

The color of the "Title" can be changed at the color selection box below.

Note: The title color and the text color (that follows the title) will both change if you adjust the color slider.

You cold select a particular color by dragging your mouse (finger on mobile) around the "color selection" box. If you have a specific color for your brand, you can input the specific HEX value for your color in the HEXA box.

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